Make your brand visible!

My motto is "a good logo is the heart of visual branding". It might sound cheesy, but it is true: a well designed logo is the cornerstone of your brand, and every following element is built on it. These are my latest favorite visual identity projects I worked on.

ADC.industies identity design is creating new solutions on the field of industrial automation. As a designer, my task was to create visual branding that is standing out in a crowd of grey and serious corporate logos, while still looking professional.

Nomadoctor branding and website design

Nomadoctor is offering a solution for those situations, when you are stuck abroad and you need to talk to your doctor urgently. The branding had to combine traveling and healthcare in a flexible way. We achieved this not just with the logo but using custom icons and illustrations on the website and branding.

4% Fitness logo design

What is 4%? In a day, it is only an hour. This is how much time you need to take care about your health with exercise and eating well. My goal was to carry this message in shape and colors while creating a brand for this fitness club.

EliteGuru identity design

EliteGuru's aim is to help you find reliable people for all the different tasks around the home. From gardening to tutoring EliteGuru has a list of real professionals. My task was to create and identity with custom icons and a unique, elegant feel for the website that makes it stand out.

Baber Bistro branding

Babér Bisztro (Bayleaf Bistro) is a small family restaurant in the heart of Budapest. The family has greek roots, hence the bay leaves. I wanted to put a twist on the overused laurel wreath, and hid a picture of a fork in the logo.

Andy Cooke logo family

If you think that the logos for Andy Cook Gardening and Cassiobury Business Solutions look a bit similar in concept, you are right. This family is running two different businesses, and they were looking for a solution that would keep the two identities close to each other.

Mihaly Nagy herbal logo design

Mihaly Nagy's family business is growing herbal plants for more than 25 years now. For this logo I drew several real plants from the client's list of herbs and used them in this organic design to form a "key to health".

Two wolves logo

"An old man once told a story about the two wolves fighting in each of us. One stands for love, care, hope and happiness. The other one is made of envy, fear, regret and lies.
-And which of them is going to win?- asked the children.
-The one you feed."

This story gave me the idea to create the Two Wolves logo. The logo made an impact online and got featured on several logo design inspiration sites. It was sold to a restaurant in the US.